About Cattlemex

Cattlemex is a leading importer of live cattle from Mexico. With our transparent and reliable supply chain, we are able to provide a healthy and consistent source of stocker and feeder cattle. We strive to be the preferred supplier of quality stocker cattle, feeder cattle, and related services. We will achieve this goal by operating in a manner consistent with our values and by continuing to re-invest the resources required for success.

Livestock Marketing

Though known for our live trade, we are a diversified agricultural firm with an integrated approach to the procurement, management, and transportation of investment-quality livestock and genetics. The principal in Cattlemex, J.Z. Smith, has been building longstanding relationships for over 50 years based on honesty, trust, respect and an unparalleled knowledge of experience. We continue to build our reputation as a premier livestock marketer, in both Mexico and the United States.


Steeped in tradition and constantly ready for the future, our mission at Cattlemex is to enable the delivery of quality stocker and feeder cattle that translates to Value for:

  • our Customers
  • the Beef Industry; and
  • Consumers

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